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Syncing note from 2 devices new note overwrites old; conflict not detected

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I am on the verge of the paid version of Evernote but in the meantime restricting myself to 2 devices: iPhone and iPad.  I wrote in a note with an update note on my iPad last night.  Didn't manually sync the iPad to the cloud, just closed it.  Later in the night, go to the same note on my iPhone, which doesn't have the new stuff from the iPad on it.  But figured I'll write in that note on the iPhone and sync it all later, relying on conflict resolution to detect which it's done before many times successfully.  

This morning, using my iPhone as a personal hotspot, I go to sync the iPad's Evernote.  I can see the original updated iPad note and the iPhone just has the more recent note.  Seconds later, the Evernote iPad notes are gone and replaced with only the new iPhone note.  Nothing more.  The iPad note missing, no conceivable way to retrieve it.  Not sure if there's some history or other manner but will look into it.  Regardless, I counted on conflict resolution to at least notify me, not have things overwritten and gone for good.   Figuring also that just b/c I used personal hotspot it didn't assume the iPhone is the boss and blows away everything else.  

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Hi.  When you make changes on one device,  they're purely stored on that device unless and until you sync it with the server.  When you change to another device you need to sync it first to get the most recent version of a note from the server before you make more changes.  Evernote can't tell how you are accessing the server - whether through a wired network or a device used as a hotspot.  It just accepts the latest synced information as being the current 'correct' status of that note.  If your devices synced out of turn,  it's possible that Note History will show you the content.

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Thanks gazumped!  I just checked and I had Background app refresh set for Evernote, so I was hoping that that would cover my syncing.  I don't recall honestly if after I wrote the note, I had my iPad active and open; having closed it may have cut it off from any background activity but sometimes background app refresh happens for some apps even when the device is closed/asleep.  

As for the Note History, I'm not seeing anything under that.  When I tape the "i" icon, I just see a map and "Updated: Today."   I recall seeing Note History that was more extensive but but maybe that was only on the pay version??  

ooohh...i'm feeling my wallet opening to upgrade....:huh:

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<Grin> There's a lot of moths around here suddenly... Sadly Note History is a premium-only feature.  Don't subscribe unless you absolutely have to get your content back,  and choose a month if you can,  to keep the cost down until you're sure this works.  While you are premium,  you'll be able to contact support and use the chat option (subject to time-zones) so they can help you get back on track.  :)

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no i'm subscribing for the other stuff...and this note history feature just pushed me over the edge.  i've been considering it for some time.  the working btwn 2 devices really was the convincer though.  online chat is quite responsive i will say though. :)  

thanks again for your help!

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