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  1. wow ... i just realized my earliest Evernote goes back to March 13, 2011 ... I started paying a year after that. Seriously ... this warrants a refund. $7.99 / month x however many months this has been going on.
  2. And here's yet another annoyance and bug ... further evidence of this awful user experience with what I thought was pretty good software up to now. Every time I get the update new version release popup ... it is BLANK!! In the screenshot below it's that blank little popup that says "Evernote" withi nothing in it. At least, that's what I think should be in there. I have seen this screen popup with the announcement of a new release and options update or not. Of course, who knows what that screen is for?!?! C'mon people. I'm seriously spending time with Notion and this is the kind of failure
  3. I'm up there above in one of the comments on this thread but I'll update with a new bug that may be the result of the latest version (which I guess attempted to fix the problem but didn't quite). I will come back to Evernote and there will only a single Note open, the rest of the window and UI is gone. There's no way to get it back, there are no other windows available, hidden or otherwise. Perhaps this is triggered by opening a Note in a separate window, which I do now and then. Regardless, this is NOT the way Evernote works or any app for that matter. The parent window for an app should alwa
  4. I posted above (and repasting below) but boy oh boy 10.6.9 is WORSE! Today Evernote not only did it's disappearing note trick, it completely failed on a quit and relaunch. I have the Evernote menu (File, Edit, etc) but nothing below that. Went and redownloaded and reinstalled and it's the same situation. When I have time, maybe I'll restart this machine, or play around with some plist files but I DON'T HAVE ANY TIME FOR THIS. NOT WHAT I SIGNED UP FOR! sorry for screaming ... but here's a screenshot
  5. DITTO DITTO AND DITTO!! I have NEVER seen an app do this ... a popup that sits in front of ALL applications just to tell me about upcoming releases?!? Are you kidding?? I'll just mention, the only reason I'm in the forum was to report a really annoying bug with displaying messages that has about a million comments on that topic. That's where your attention should be not on announcing upcoming release. Fix the bugs! You want to announce how great your software is, not how great it is going to be.
  6. I am having the same problem. I can see the notes after I quit and restore the app but reading all of these comments about people not even being able to see any of their notes and they're gone is awful. But even inexplicably not being able to see the note and having to quit and restore is ridiculous. And then having to come in here and pore over all of these comments and workarounds is a waste of time. I went into Evernote just before to do something else. Then I hit the Feedback button, filled out that form, then wander in here and spend another 10 minutes looking at comments of the same issu
  7. no i'm subscribing for the other stuff...and this note history feature just pushed me over the edge. i've been considering it for some time. the working btwn 2 devices really was the convincer though. online chat is quite responsive i will say though. thanks again for your help!
  8. Thanks gazumped! I just checked and I had Background app refresh set for Evernote, so I was hoping that that would cover my syncing. I don't recall honestly if after I wrote the note, I had my iPad active and open; having closed it may have cut it off from any background activity but sometimes background app refresh happens for some apps even when the device is closed/asleep. As for the Note History, I'm not seeing anything under that. When I tape the "i" icon, I just see a map and "Updated: Today." I recall seeing Note History that was more extensive but but maybe that was only on
  9. I am on the verge of the paid version of Evernote but in the meantime restricting myself to 2 devices: iPhone and iPad. I wrote in a note with an update note on my iPad last night. Didn't manually sync the iPad to the cloud, just closed it. Later in the night, go to the same note on my iPhone, which doesn't have the new stuff from the iPad on it. But figured I'll write in that note on the iPhone and sync it all later, relying on conflict resolution to detect which it's done before many times successfully. This morning, using my iPhone as a personal hotspot, I go to sync the iPad's E
  10. slight oddity (bug?) on scrolling down on the mac client under Notebooks tab: i couldn't see Trash until I resized the window and refreshed the tab by clicking twice. initially, it just stopped at however many notebooks filled the vertical column on the left.
  11. This was just some weirdness I never really looked into: new note titles appearing populated with arcane references to what I thought was Facebook. I just ignored it and, in all cases, deleted what appeared there and put my own title in. Then I decided to look into this b/c it was just too weird and bothersome. I just spent some time reading this topic which explains the note titles are some predictive typing feature in iOS that pulls data from my calendar. (Don't even get me started as to how or why my Google calendar pulls in Facebook event data which is 99% of the time just some wei
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