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(Archived) Idea: Why not make RSS-import a priority?

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Dear Evernote

Your application have made things a lot easier for me. Thank you for that – I'm a very happy customer.

However, one thing I don't understand is why you don't implement import of RSS feeds. That would make Evernote more flexible in so many aspects that I can hardly imagine them all. It seems like a great selling point to me.

Searching your forum, it seems as if you've heard the suggestion, but simply disregarded it. Which is of course perfectly fine, I don't control you :)

However, I just don't understand why you don't see this as a brilliant must-have function. I've seen people suggest a variety of solutions for this on the net, which are either overly complicated, cluttering the posts, requires programming skills or aren't automatic.

Would you please explain your view on this?

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@mads: Well, it sounds like currently they are fighting some major problems: iPad launch, iPhone growing pains, trying to remedy the long-standing note formatting problems, et cetera. These are actual defects, not new features. As someone else pointed out else-forum, there's a lot going on at Evernote that we don't see, so it's hard for us outside to understand why they prioritize the items that they do. Sure, it's a good idea to integrate RSS feeds -- it's a well-known mechanism, and I believe that any feature that pushes more content into Evernote makes it more likely that a free user will turn into a premium user, too. But it doesn't sound like a make-or-break feature, while the defects are a bit of a black eye. Not hard to understand why they are focusing on these.


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In addition to what Jeff said, I would add that pretty much everyone who has a feature request thinks that feature is brilliant, is wanted by almost everyone else & would bring in more paying customers. It's kind of like thinking your kid is the smartest, handsomest/prettiest one in the class. :D

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I guess you're right. I guess I just thought it would be the next step after they implemented Delicious imports a long time ago. As JoW says, it would really make Evernote click with Google Reader - and so many other things.

I had no idea about their struggle with the issues you mention.

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This has been a feature I've wanted for a long time. Unfortunately, if it is something the EN team would consider, it's likely to be way down their list of priorities.

I can't remember which podcast it was, or which of the amateur-comedians said it, but they discussed how they are averse to any kind of feature that automates note creation/entry.

My current method for getting starred GReader items into EN is to use Netnewswire for Mac, (which syncs with Google Reader) in combination with an automator script that sends the starred items from the desktop RSS client to the desktop Evernote client. Look for a poster called Veritrope on the Mac forums if you're interested.

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