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"Remember this browser for 30 days' NEVER actually works

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This has never worked, EVER, on my IOS device, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5S.

I recently purchased a Macbook, and it still asks me every time I log into, for example, this evernote forum, to do the two step verification. 

Any easier way than this? either a google authenticator on the mac so I don't have to keep getting out my iPhone every time I sign in, or a way to make Evernote actually remember the browser so I do not need to do two step sign in ever time I wish to log in.

This is also a challenge for Evernote iOS on my iPhone 5S. Each time I am in an app outside of Evernote, and click an EN 'note link' rather than taking me direct to the Evernote app, it takes me to Evernote in 'Safari', and asks me to sign in because it has not remembered me for 30 days like I selected it to do, and also, it asks me to do two step. i love two step verification, BUT do I have to do this each time I wish to access a note via a 'note link'? I love Evernote, there must be a way to solve this or an update coming soon? It's not very 'flowing' signing in by google authenticator app each time I wish to access a note via a note link.

Ok so, mainly how do I solve this on the Mac, but also IOS resolutions will be massively welcomed. 

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3 hours ago, abhi4188 said:

Well, it should be Evernote's job to fix it in the first place

Unless someone raised this as a support request (subscribers only) or contacted them on Twitter @EvernoteHelps,  they may not even know this is an issue yet.  Sounds like a way to get around 2-step security anyway - might be a design decision not to allow 30-day access if 2-step is enabled...

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18 hours ago, abhi4188 said:

still having the same issue. did you guys find any solutions? Well, it should be Evernote's job to fix it in the first place

I did find a solution to this, and Evernote’s many other unaddressed bugs... I moved to OneNote.

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