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  1. I will be syncronising all my Evernote notes with Google Drive using Cloud HQ so would be useful to know the total storage my notes take up, like on Apple Notes or Google Drive it can tell you how much storage all youe files or notes take up in their entirety.
  2. is there no way of knowing how much data all of our notes are taking up no? strange...
  3. most free platforms offer this, Dropbox, Google, iCloud, surprised Evernote have not made this simple yet. It's good security practice to easily see and unsure shared notes.
  4. Yep you’d think so. You can even turn websites into PDFs nowadays from safari in iPhone you’d think Evernote would have this feature. i had to pay somebody in the end to do 2 hours work and create a PDF out of the 100 or so images I had in an EN note. Evernote csn create them but it puts them all on one page rather than seperate page PDF so I had 100 page document squeezed onto a single page PDF Good Luck
  5. Hey, thanks for your messages here, I saw that it was possible to save all attachments from the note. The note has over 100 pages (in the form of images in Evernote) of a document & when the attachments are saved they are not in the same order as they are in Evernote. This will take a lot of time to re order into the correct order. Strange that they don't export out of Evernote in the same order as they are in on the note
  6. When I control click on the note, and export as a PDF, the 100 or so images, appear in my Mac downloads folder, as a single page PDF, the 100 images are still there but it's really long and thin, since all those images are on a single page PDF. The images are photos, of my personal notes from my studies, and need to be in the specific order they are in on Evernote and ideally, exported as a multipage PDF from Evernote. When I first scanned them in using Evernote, I used the Evernote app to scan them in, and rather than scanning as a PDF like the Scannable app when there is more than 1 image, the Evernote app adds the all as images. I was hoping there would be a simple way to convert this to a multipage PDF? Currently when I convert the note in Evernote, into a PDF, and click on 'download' on the pdf doc in Evernote, it appears like this on my Mac: see attached screenshot. it appears like this because even though there are 100 images, it's all on a single page PDF, not multipage. Any ideas how to get this into a multipage PDF? Using Evernote or another app?
  7. I am curious to know why they integrate import folder on Windows and not on the Mac, code just goes over my head completely.
  8. Would be like it to be, however when it comes to website design and uploading images, the most simple way always seem to be direct from Finder in the Mac. I am curious to know if there is a folder in Finder for the Mac where we can add files to it and they will be automatically added to Evernote without any complicated automating. I assume there is no way to upload images from Evernote easily, I keep half my businesses on Evernote the other half on iCloud Drive, it's not a big deal but just looking to see if it is possible to easily have all my documents in one place here. Whenever I upload an image online it always goes to Finder, so I assume we can not upload Docs from our Evernote app on the Mac so smoothly... Anyway just looking to improve my workflow, it's just a small thing here but would help.
  9. It's been confirmed to me today that there is an issue on Safari with Evernote web clipped continually asking me to sign in again and again everyday. I am a Premium user and the web clipper is one of the biggest features and don't intend to use Chrome over Safari. Am I paying for this feature that does not work, i.e., does web clipper come with the free version of Evernote??
  10. Would love this feature, surprised it is not in here yet for Premium members at least, with the free lock feature on iPhone now.
  11. I know it's only a 2 minute task, but if the web clipper saved my UN and PW and remembered my Macbook so I did not have to do 2 step verification every several days, would save me keep signing back into the web clipper, i use it a lot, but will consider another web clipper because it is a little frustrating that it keeps asking me to sign back in. If anybody knows any ways to prevent this, it would be awesome :-)
  12. It's frustrating, every several days I am asked to sign in again, type my username, type my password, and use the google verificator 2 step verification, how do we stop this from keep happening or it is something we have to live with? Thanks in advance guys
  13. oKAY, i'll work around the impossibility to re order the bars, I can reduce the # of shortcuts I have and also turn it off altogether, which is what I have been trying to do. For me, this is not permanent, it keeps appearing back. Strange. Any Evernote staff here know how to stop it from keep coming back on each time i close down, shut down my Mac, restart it and then the next day the shortcut bar is back. The way i turn off the short cut bar is simply 'control' click it.
  14. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME, can even do this WITHIN IOS, beyond what I believed was possible, MASSIVE workflow solution for me thank you. :-)
  15. I read this is possible, e.g., note links to directly open the Evernote Mac app, instead of going to safari first, each time. The reasons for me this is something worth trying to change: 1. I am in SE Asia and often have no strong 3G connection, so note links that open EN directly would be awesome since there is not always a good connection and when that is the case, note links do not even work (I have PREMIUM and all my notebooks are always downloaded on my devices, no need for internet to access them). 2.Evernote never actually remembers my browser for 30 days when I tick the box, so each time it logs into Evernote, I have to log in, AND also do my two step google authenticator password, then wait for the window to appear asking me to open the Evernote app, from Evernote in Safari. Every single time I have a note link, this is the only way it can link? There is no quicker way than this? 3.I use note links a lot between OMNFI FOCUS task manager, and this is a time consuming process currently. IN SHORT. How do I make a direct note link that does not need to open safari each time the MAC, but this ability on IOS would also be a huge bonus.? Right now to create note links, I 'control' click a note, and select 'copy note link'. Advice will be HUGELY APPRECIATED
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