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Keyboard Shortcut: Move Lines (Paragraph OR List Item) Up/Down

Charles Le


Referencing the above thread for context and community desire.

First, I couldn't find an open feature require on this forum so posting a feature request. Please point to a duplicate so I can bump that one.

I use lists a LOT, and this feature would be nice. I've been dreaming up a list management UI on top of Evernote's API to make Evernote a better list/todo management tool. Then I discovered Workflowy, which was the gist of my idea. Thought about switching over to that for list management, but wanted my other notes still integrated with Evernote...dilemma.

Anyway, this is a nice feature in Workflowy, and a lot of text editors. Hoping to get some support from the community. Thanks for reading!

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Hi.  Good luck with the request,  but while Evernote is great for many things it currently sucks for list management - even with recent updates to the editor.  I'm not sure they even want to try to get better.  As there are several alternatives (and I use Workflowy too) why does Evernote need to change?  Not something I can support,  but Evernote may feel differently...

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