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  1. I renamed Evernote to Evernote_OLD before installing this new version. The second Cmd + J failed, I found this page. Stopped using the new version. Going back to the old version. Seriously. WTF EVERNOTE? And, when can we get keyboard shortcuts to move list/bullet items up/down a list? What K/B power user DRAGS AND DROPS?
  2. /bump to this thread. An ability to move paragraphs OR BULLETED items in list would make life immensely happier. I use Evernote to take notes. I also use Evernote to manage a few lists. I've thought about developing a UI leverage Evernote as a storage engage to customize this single experience. Then I discovered Workflowy, which does pretty much exactly what I had imaged to build on top of Evernote. Hoping this sees the light of day.
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