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Google Drive Integration Released For Public Android!

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I was thrilled to see that yesterday's update to the public Android app (7.9.3) finally included Google Drive integration (I'd been really looking forward to this).

Two "bugs" I immediately spotted, though (I think)...

The "onboarding" process is flawed... There's a little pop-up introducing the feature, and the only option is "Got it."

Thing is, the feature was not there for me.

  • I discovered (quite by accident) that I had to "Enable rich links" in the app's settings (which is off by default). That's really not obvious.
  • The bigger issue, though, is that while Drive attachments now display perfectly on both of my Android devices (phone and tablet), the option (icon) to add a drive attachment only exists on my phone. It's still missing on my tablet (Nexus 7 2013). Both devices are running 7.9.3 and both have "Enable rich links" turned-on.
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Hi.  When I enabled my Drive connection I seem to remember having to sign in to GDrive first,  then seeing at least one popup that highlighted the 'paperclip' icon at the top of the window where my GDrive icon hides away.  Do you not have the paperclip option on your tablet?

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