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Check if a note exists / AppleScript

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I want to check if a note with a given name already exists:

	tell application "Evernote"
		if note named thisTitle exists then
			tell note named thisTitle to append html "<strong>exists</strong>"
			set note1 to create note title thisTitle with text thisContent as string notebook "DAILY"
			assign tag "PDF" to note1
		end if
	end tell

But it gives me error:

Evernote got an error: Can’t get note "[thisTitle]"


How do i check if a note exists?


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On 7/4/2016 at 0:13 PM, dyb_dzo said:

How do i check if a note exists?

This script on my Github Gist should give you a good idea of how to do this:

EN Mac Append Note OR Create New Note (AS).applescript

Please let me know if you have any questions or issues.


• This script is provided for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY
• It has had very limited testing, and may contain errors & bugs
• The user of this script assumes all risk and liability
• This script does write to your Evernote account, so it is best to first test using a Test Account

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Your solution looks quite robust!


It's probably too much for my needs but i see where it could be usefull. Thank you!

It also opened my eyes for what i was doing wrong.

Before your post i found out how to search for notes but that didn't work as well.


My bit of code:


set foundNote to get every note of notebook "DAILY" where its title is searchForThisTitle

if foundNote is {} then

         –– create new note and do stuff with it


     set myNote to item 1 of foundNote

         –– do stuff to the existing note




I missed the part "item 1 of" – instead of picking an item from the foundNote i was just referencing to the found set.



My question was derived from "if note named thisTitle exists then" but it seems like i should utilize the search function from the beginning.

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1 minute ago, dyb_dzo said:

My question was derived from "if note named thisTitle exists then" but it seems like i should utilize the search function from the beginning.

Likewise, I could never get the "if exists" code to work
I use the search function

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