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Outlook 2016 Folder Link

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Before upgrading to Outlook 2016, I used a third party tool 'Linker for Windows' to create links that I could paste into Evernote that would open specific folders within Outlook.

This is useful when a note requires access to emails and can include a link to open the specific Outlook folder.

Since upgrading to Outlook 2016, this solution no longer works and I'm not sure if it relates to Evernote, Linker or Outlook (I suspect the latter?).  Linker still creates links however now in a format that Evernote (or other Office applications) can't seem to process.  

Example:  outlook:00000000918A70DA95662A4BB0F9AC3877596D5B02E90000 

I have contacted the Linker for Windows developer but with no luck.

Has anyone else had a similar experience and found a solution using Linker or alternative?


Mark M




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For security purposes, starting with Outlook 2007, Microsoft stopped enabling the outlook: link protocol by default.

You can enable it, and you probably did for your previous version, but the registry entry required to enable it is different for each Outlook version, so it makes sense that it stopped working when you upgraded to Outlook 2016.

There is a FAQ on how to do this here on the TeamScope website but unfortunately it hasn't been updated yet to cover Outlook 2016.  Until it is, you can find instructions here on the Slipstick website.


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