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Share by email more several notes with web app

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I think you can only have one note per e-mail; that is how the codes on the subject line can send the note to the proper notebook and tags. (You may already have seen this article: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209005347.) The note will be filed in the specified notebook, and should then be available to view in the Web app or any other Evernote software.

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Thanks Dave but the question is: can we send more than one note from the web app to an email address with the function "Share" I can send several notes at a time with the desktop app, but there is a limitation with the web app 

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If you're in the 'new' web version,  go back to the old one in Settings.  That'll allow you to multi-select notes,  and pop up a handy little menu from which you can email.  Separate email addresses by a comma if there's more than one.

I'd recommend that you try it out on your own email address first though - you may want to adjust the layout or content of your notes depending on how the presentation comes across...


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