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Import simple text notes

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7 hours ago, maaaaaaaaaaartin said:

I have hundreds of personal notes in simple text format. What would be the simplest way to import them into Evernote? Can't find a precise answer... Thanks!

On my Mac I would just drag the notes to the Evernote Icon, or the Evernote import folder.

The import folder is a Windows app feature;
on the Mac, I had to set it up using an applescript and folder-actions

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If Windows, per @DTLow, got to Tools - Import Folders and set up a folder - notebook relationship.  You need to have created the folder and notebook prior to the set up.  Once you've set it up, drag and drop your personal note files into the folder.  Your notes will appear in the notebook with titles that are the first line the note.  You can then tag them or move them to another notebook if you like.

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17 hours ago, maaaaaaaaaaartin said:

What would be the simplest way to import them into Evernote?

Simplest method may not be the best method, if you have lots of files to import.
Simplest is to drag/drop each file on the Evernote icon.  You can even select multiple files, then drag/drop.  So if all of your files are in one folder, this might work very well.

If you have hundreds of files in multiple folders, then you may want to explore other methods, as mentioned above:

NOTE: You will lose the date created/updated of the file when you import to Evernote. The EN Note will be set to the current date/time.
If you use AppleScript, then you can set the Note dates to the file dates.

If you know a little bit of winscript or batch file commands, you could insert the file created date at the top of the file before you do the import.
Or if you want to go further, use the Evernote ENScript to import your files, assigning the Note dates to the file dates.

Good luck, and let us know how it goes.

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