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How to always display Note Info line in version 6

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I'm currently using the latest release version

Prior to version 6 I had turned on the INFO section to always be visible when viewing a note. I like seeing the created and modified date.

Since upgrading it appears that I can no longer have that info displayed and that now it requires a click each time. This led to complaints about the Source URL being too hard to reach in this thread and that's been addressed. Is there any plan to make the rest of the note info visible as it has been in the past? I'm all in favor of customizations to make the screen appear how each user wants and you can make the defaults all off so the screen is nice and clean, but taking away options means the workflow users are accustomed become impossible (as with the URLs). I'm using a monitor with 8 million pixels . . . I'm fine allocating a couple thousand of them to this info.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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Yeah, this came up as V6 was released.  In response, I forget if it was in the release before the current Beta, EN added the ability to view one of two dates in the note header area.  There's a drop down to select which one you want.  No word if having both of the dates back is in the works. 

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