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Change "from" email when I send a new contact a message


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Hello Evernote Scannable users,

Here's the situation -

Just got a card. Scanned it. All good. Want to email the person my contact info. Great. But it's sending from the wrong email - likely the email in my LI account or my Evernote account, neither of which I want to use in this business setting. How do I change the email address the contact email is coming FROM? I want them to be able to reply to the email (not click the email link) and have it come to my relevant business account.

Many thanks!


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1 hour ago, jitrois said:

I am having the same problem... Did you guys figure out how to change the sender email? I can't find the relevant info on their help website. Thanks!

This was also discussed here https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/99675-cant-receive-notesemails-etc/?do=findComment&comment=429732

afaik    There is not way to change the sender address if you use the Evernote email service
            The other option is to use your own mail service


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6 minutes ago, jitrois said:

Thanks DTLow! I realized that emails are actually being sent via the email address of the Mail app on my iPhone (which I usually don't use often). Thanks for the help!

I also use my own mail service on my Mac

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I just got a reply from a colleague with whom I shared a note.  It is showing my old company name and title.  This is not the information on my profile.

Where do I change this info?  This is really embarrassing as I cannot have my old company contact sent to my business contacts.


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rom: Daniel D [mailto:no-reply@evernote.com] 
Sent: Thursday, November 16, 2017 3:02 PM
To: Phil 
Subject: [EXTERNAL] - Here is my contact info



It was nice meeting you. Here is my contact info.



Dan D.

Head of Sales (old title)

Image removed by sender.


Image removed by sender.


Image removed by sender.

(correct phone number here)

Old company e-mail@old company.com
(correct personal e-mail here)


Correct address
United States of America






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Image removed by sender.


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2 hours ago, dandatt said:

I just got a reply from a colleague with whom I shared a note.  It is showing my old company name and title. 

This discussion related to the "From" email address, which in your case was          From: Daniel D [mailto:no-reply@evernote.com]

You issue is with your contact information that you emailed.  Can you explain how you generated this email with your contact information?

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53 minutes ago, a2. said:

Same problem. "Send my contact info" after adding a business card gives out old information. I can't find where it's pulling data from.

My contact information is specified in user settings > camera > business cards on my iPad 


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