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  1. Change "from" email when I send a new contact a message

    Wonderful, thank you.
  2. Email my contact info

    I have this same question.
  3. Great, thanks.
  4. Thank you, Dave. I did see that thread in doing my research before posting. It has not helped. One thing that came out of that thread, is when this happened, the blue upload arrow appears in the top-right of the note. So, I suspect everytime it uploads my changes (even though I'm not finished), it resets the cursor. So I thought turning OFF the "Enable instant sync" in the "Sychronization" section of the Options might help. It did not, but maybe that will spur someone else to think of a better way...
  5. Hi. I'm running Evernote version Windows 10 Home on a Dell laptop. The problem seems to only occur when I am working in the Notes section of a scanned business card. As I'm typing, and especially if I pause briefly, the cursor jumps back to the top-left corner of the Notes field. In this case that would be just before the word "Hi". I usually do this in the panel view mode (not a separate window), but I have tried opening the card in its own window and still have the same problem. I have not found a work around for this. I suppose I could type the note in another program, then cut & paste it into Evernote, but that seems silly.