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Feature request regarding tags, scenario included

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I am a writer using Evernote to gather resources for articles I write. What I usually do is to import snippets of text, quotes or facts into Evernote and tag these notes with tags which explain what the content is all about. When I then write an article and for example need a quote which has to to with the power of simplicity, I can bring forth my Evernote-notebook called "Quotes" and start browsing through these looking at the tags that has been attached. With many notes this is a process which may take all from a few minutes up to an hour.

Now this scenario could be greatly streamlined if there was a way of getting a streamlined view of the tags available for the notebook I currently has selected. One way of doing this would be to have an ability to bring forth a tagcloud of all tags which has been used on all the notes in the notebook I currently hold. Another way could be a setting so that the list of tags in the application could be dynamic in a way of showing only the available tags when I have a notebook open. To have this selective view could be turned on and off by a simple checkbox or such.

Anyone else who have the same scenario as me in their everyday work? Perhaps anyone who has found a good workaround to use in the meantime?

Thanks for a great app/service

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I would agree with the basic concept of showing 'relevant' tags when using Evernote. I look at this from two perspectives:

1) Entering new notes. From this perspective, if I'm adding a note to a notebook, I could have a tag cloud that shows those tags that I've used in this notebook are perhaps listed and bold and those tags that were not used in the notebook but are in my tag list are not bold. Or, vertical separation: top half are the tags that I've used in the notebook, bottom half those I've not used in the notebook. (Think Delicious entry where they list tags others have used...)

2) Searching. It would be nice if you select a tag to filter on that those tags that still also apply are then highlighted in some way. When you have a bunch of tags it is a pain to scroll through them to find the next one to filter on. If I select a tag to filter it would be great if a tag cloud 'panel' could be turned on that shows all the tags that are also used with the tag I have selected. Those most often used are larger, etc. If I select another tag (2 now selected), the cloud reduces to just those tags that still apply as having been used with these 2 tags, etc.



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OK it is an old post te reply to. But I totally agree with 'having a tagcloud display possibility would be a major feature'. Now I am going back and forth between evernote and diigo for saving webcontent. The only thing diigo is drawing me to it, is the tagcloud. So much more userfriendly, so much more oversite just by seeing tags in different sizes expressing the frequency the tag is used. This in combination with de deductive adding of tags to the search result, effectively narrowing down the search results Evernote already has ... would finally render diigo obsolete for me and would make me only use evernote.  And yes I am a premium user. What about it Evernote-team? Is there a chance you'll deliver this anytime soon? 

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