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  1. I really wish we could get an answer on this. I need the feature back too or I need to roll back to an older version. Thanks
  2. Of course, you're correct. I was reading up on articles on GTD using Evernote just before I wrote the post so I guess my mind had not left the GTD-domain just yet! Thanks for the confirmation on the feature coming to Mac, I love it in the Windows-version and do think that you made a wonderful implementation of it. Clean and simple just as it should be.
  3. This feature really gave the tags a whole new dimension and for users using multiple notebooks and heavy tagging this was a feature which made my everyday work so much easier. Is this feature planned for the mac version in the near future perhaps? Thanks! [edit] I just remembered that it was mentioned that this feature was coming to both Mac and Windows versions in the following thread. Hope that the plan still stands! [edit-2]As stated, the title was incorrect and is now fixed.
  4. Hmmm. Would this be ambiguous with the dimming associated with selected notebooks? I'm not really sure what a tag sharing another tag means, as they're discrete currently. The tag tree is visualization only at this point. Thanks for quick feedback! Your comment [Jeff] made me see my error with this last one. I agree that this might be more confusing then helping and the most logical way of having this would be to only visualize between tags and notebooks as the first two scenarios aimed for. An important aspect of this whole idea is that I can select and de-select tags/notebooks thought during the course of the scenario so that I can use this as a method of finding lost posts. So that I can de-select one of the tags I previously selected to widen my view so to say.
  5. I would love to see a feature in both desktop clients where the visual representation is connected between notebook and tag so that if I select one notebook, all tags not available within the selected notebook would dim. In the same way I would like to see the same feature when I select a tag so that notebooks having no notes with the selected tag would dim. Third and my last scenario would be that if I select a tag the same visualization would exist to show which other tags "share" the selected tag. This would greatly increase my productivity in cases when I do not remember the exact term to search for but do know some tags I did attach to it. Thanks
  6. Hi, I am a writer using Evernote to gather resources for articles I write. What I usually do is to import snippets of text, quotes or facts into Evernote and tag these notes with tags which explain what the content is all about. When I then write an article and for example need a quote which has to to with the power of simplicity, I can bring forth my Evernote-notebook called "Quotes" and start browsing through these looking at the tags that has been attached. With many notes this is a process which may take all from a few minutes up to an hour. Now this scenario could be greatly streamlined if there was a way of getting a streamlined view of the tags available for the notebook I currently has selected. One way of doing this would be to have an ability to bring forth a tagcloud of all tags which has been used on all the notes in the notebook I currently hold. Another way could be a setting so that the list of tags in the application could be dynamic in a way of showing only the available tags when I have a notebook open. To have this selective view could be turned on and off by a simple checkbox or such. Anyone else who have the same scenario as me in their everyday work? Perhaps anyone who has found a good workaround to use in the meantime? Thanks for a great app/service
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