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26 minutes ago, Cyrano1441 said:

Do you know what would really be great?  A larger number of emails  being allowed to be forwarded daily.  Don't you agree?

I find my current limit of 200 in/out more than adequate

What use are you planning for?

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I transfer a sizable number of Emails to Evernote.  If I am able to do this daily, I'm just over the 200 number.  If, due to other activities that will not allow me to do so daily, when I do transfer, I'm way over the 200 mark, and some of my essential emails do not get transferred.   My thoughts on this subject tend towards 500 emails allowed in the transfer daily.  This will provide me with the necessary cushion.  

I'm perfectly willing to pay a little extra to have this available.  What say you?

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Good luck - but I doubt you're going to get many votes - it seems a niche feature request for a small number of users.

I'd be looking at another archiving mechanism; but still filing in Evernote.
I transfer my emails directly to Evernote on my Mac without going through the forwarding route.
- I use an email extension called Evermail
- Applescript would be another Mac option (example http://veritrope.com/code/apple-mail-to-evernote/
- I know this is a Windows forum, but someone else will have to come up solutions for that platform

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