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Evernote and Outlook 2007

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Since upgrading to the latest version of Evernote, I've lost the capability to add emails to Evernote, via the button that used to exist in Outlook. 

This has happened to me before with other upgrades, but I've been able to enable the Application via the "add-ins" option in the Trust Center (Outlook).

No so in this case ...

Has anyone else seen this, and if so, do you have a work around ?




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 The Evernote Outlook Clipper does not support Outlook 2007. Changes to the clipper with 6.0 have caused the clipper to no longer appear with Outlook version 2007. This was not by design, but because the Evernote Outlook clipper does not officially support outlook 2007, I do not believe it will be available with a later update.  If you’re unable to update Outlook, I recommend emailing into Evernote using your @m.evernote.com incoming email address.


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Shame ! I can't believe that developers cannot let an open door for an Outlook 2007 integration. Or is it all about forcing people into Outlook 2010/2013 ? Personally I can't afford to upgrade to an newer version of outlook. And so this definitely means I'm stuck on a 5.9.9 Evernote version for a long time then if I wish to keep the clipper ! What a disgrace ! I paid for an Evernote account for the ability to clip into Outlook and Firefox ... not to downgrade !!

My trust in this software has taken a blow. I'm working on Vista ... will one day developers require from me to upgrade to windows 10 ? get rid of my computer and buy a new one ?

What a sad conception of what updating software means ...

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