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  1. Yes, it does work. Thanks for pointing this out. Yet, as I said before, this is just a workaround to a missing feature ...
  2. Well, as far as I'm concerned, I have Outlook 2019 installed and the clipper is gone. So, it does not work anymore on installed versions !
  3. After more than 30 minutes looking for CLEAR explanations on the EN website, I have just grapsed the fact that the EN outlook clipper is definitely gone, without any explanations. I have been using EN for a few years now on a premium subscription and I find it unprofessional to remove features which have been promoted as part of the added values of the product for many years now. How come something that's been so useful and praised by the company itself is removed without any further notice ? I feel cheated upon. I had been paying for the product because I needed this particular feature among others but now, I am really considering moving away from EN as they don't seem to take into account what their customers are looking for. When having poor workarounds to replace an efficient addin is the only way to treat customers, I cannot but feel sorry for their support management. And yes ... when you see that on the "compare plans" webpage of EN, the "connect your outlook account to EN" is still displayed ... how do you call that but false advertising ?
  4. Thanks for the answer. It does help me understand that I need to go into the Beta if I want to have this option. Hope it will be added in the next version(s) soon ! The workaround you suggested is ok, on condition that you don't share notes very often, otherwise, you really have to create intricate networks of notes and this gets you to move your notes very often as well, which increases the number of notebooks, making it quite fastidious as a consequence. Anyway, thanks a lot for your answer ! Fabrice
  5. Hi everyone ! Can anyone tell me if the Evernote Android app lets you share multiple notes from different notebooks ? The Windows soft does let you. But when I use my Android app, it seems it does not allow me to share more than one note at a time, which is uncool. If I select one note, the menu shows the "share" functionality, but if I select more than one, the "share" functionality is missing from the menu. That would be very awkward not to have this ability ... Can anyone confirm that or am I going wrong somewhere ? Fabrice
  6. Shame ! I can't believe that developers cannot let an open door for an Outlook 2007 integration. Or is it all about forcing people into Outlook 2010/2013 ? Personally I can't afford to upgrade to an newer version of outlook. And so this definitely means I'm stuck on a 5.9.9 Evernote version for a long time then if I wish to keep the clipper ! What a disgrace ! I paid for an Evernote account for the ability to clip into Outlook and Firefox ... not to downgrade !! My trust in this software has taken a blow. I'm working on Vista ... will one day developers require from me to upgrade to windows 10 ? get rid of my computer and buy a new one ? What a sad conception of what updating software means ...
  7. Really annoying now. I get this message whenever I wish to clip a mail from outlook 2007. "Import has failed. No declaration for attribute style of element BODY". My config : - Windows 7 - Professional edition - Outlook 2007 (12.0.4518.1014) MSO (12.0.4518.1014) This bug has nows been going on for quite a while. No fix has been found so far. I have a paid account for EN and I do not wish to uninstall either outlook nor EN. Too many unsuccessful experiences explained in this forum. If I paid for an EN account, it is to save time not the opposite ! Hey you devs ! Wake up and lend a hand ! Thanks
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