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Composite saved searches

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Is there a way to create a saved search that will return everything in a particular notebook OR anything tagged with a particular tag. It seems that although the 'any' operator will essentially provide an OR function, the notebook: specifier always locks on a specific notebook. What I was looking to achieve is something like

any: notebook:"Reading" tag:"To Read"

Goal is to give me a reading list - things that are in a notebook ready to read plus things elsewhere in Evernote that are also to be read. Obviously I could tag everything in the notebook "Reading" with the tag "To Read" and then just use that tag...but that wouldn't be as dynamic as I would like.

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Syntactically, I would think that EN does support Boolean OR by providing the ANy operator. What seems to be more of the problem preventing it achieving what I want is that notebook is not subject to this and overrides it. So any: notebook:"Reading" tag:"To Read" should work (syntactically), but notebook: acts as a global search restriction rather than acting as part of the search logic. But thanks for the reply - 'not possible'.

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Your are correct, selecting a notebook or stack as does limit the context of the search which prevents notebooks from being included in a Boolean search, even if EN had the capability.

OR is still missing in the EN search process.  AND and ANY are tag based.  AND says the notes returned will have all the tags in the search, ANY says the notes returned will have any of the tags in the search.  AND and ANY only apply to notes whatever the notebook/stack context is.  So you can't do a tag: AND tag:B OR tag:C search to find notes that contain tags A and B or tag C.  Much requested of EN to date, but not here.

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