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latest Evernote for Windows makes unwanted bulleted lists

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I just upgraded to on Windows.

As a personal way of making what could be called a subheading in a note,  I commonly use an asterisk as the first character a line of text within a note.  Subsequent lines have a dash as the first character.  Less indenting to manage, visually gets the organization across, and I've just always done it that way.

Now when I start a line within the note using an asterisk, Evernote automatically intents the line and starts a bulleted list.

How do I turn off this unwanted behavior?


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EN added some "hot keys" for data entry in a recent release for things like lists.  So if you enter * and a space it will automatically convert to a bullet list.  Don't know if there is a way to stop the behavior.  Perhaps someone else can chime in.

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I can work around this a little, by using 2 asterisks and a space at the start of my line.  Or, with 1 asterisk and a space, I can backspace over the space and re-add it, and the second time it won't be converted.

But I sure wish users were given the choice of turning auto-covert on and off, just like in Word, smartphones, etc.

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Looks like this has been pointed out already: 

I like the part about: " Why do developers insist on inflicting automatic features without providing a way to turn it off?  Why do managers fail to understand basic UI design? "

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