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  1. I've pretty much given up hope, but I'll add my vote again here for outlining as part of Evernote. It was a sad day when I had to move on from Ecco.....
  2. In my case (also if I highlight text plus an image in the browser and Copy, when I Paste into a new note the image is replaced by only the "Associated text" of the jpeg. I can explicitly right-click on the image and "Copy Image", then past the image into a note. That works ok. Will the next update cover this too? Thanks...
  3. Another Windows user who begins some lines with asterisk-space and can't believe there's no way to turn off this unwanted new feature. Waiting...
  4. Just joined the forum just so I could add to the requests for a text-only mode. On a per stack basis, per note, or just a preference toggle. Please, please..... Thanks...Lyle
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