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EN to Dropbox

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15 hours ago, Euler said:

I would like to read my EN in Dropbox. How to do that ?
if it is in DB then I can also read the local notes online ??

You can't view the database, but you can export notes to dropbox
- html export format is built in on desktop platforms and can be viewed in a browser
- converting your notes to pdf format is another idea
As part of my backup procedures, I export my notes that were changed the previous day.

There is a service (CloudHQ) that backup changes in pdf format to Dropbox.

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14 minutes ago, Euler said:

I have exported EN to Enex files. They are not readable in DB ? should I export them as html ?

I looked ot CloudHQ, cannot understand its working

For sure, html is the format to use if you want to view your notes.

I don't use CloudHQ and have no info.  Besides, pdf format has limitations.

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9 minutes ago, Euler said:

Installing EN client. How would I do that ?

You need to identify your platform/device

for example, I use Evernote client apps on a Mac and iPad.

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14 hours ago, Euler said:

Nor could I log in to the Web EN

The IOS platform does not allow access to Web EN; you have to use a client app.

I suspect the same for Android.

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