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  1. How to export all notes so that the folder hierarchy is preserved ? It would be annoying to export each folder separately
  2. I tried with EN stay organised and EN for Android wear, from the Play Store on Samsung Galaxy tablet. It did not install Nor could I log in to the Web EN
  3. Installing EN client. How would I do that ?
  4. I have exported EN to Enex files. They are not readable in DB ? should I export them as html ? I looked ot CloudHQ, cannot understand its working
  5. I have installed EN on my Samsung Galaxy tablet but I see it nowhere. Can I use EN on Samsung ?
  6. I would like to read my EN in Dropbox. How to do that ? if it is in DB then I can also read the local notes online ??
  7. I am using a mac computer and would like to use TM to recover EN for 6 month ago
  8. Said Guru (DT Low) : I'm not sure what kind of contact you're looking for. Well Guru, what do you think ? me too want support from EN staff directly. If not possible, i want to refund of Premium payment What is the refund policy ?
  9. I am a premium user and now I wonder what support I have ? How do I contact EN support ?
  10. Opening the note in a new window, the note will start from the beginning of that note and so I have to search XYZ again !! Not a user friendly behaviour
  11. Suppose I search XYZ in all EN notes. EN returns perhaps 3 notes containing XYZ Now I select the file I want to read and delete XYZ from the search field. To my surprise, EN restores all files so that my selected file is gone! What is the point with such a behaviour ? Once I found my hit, I want to stay there of course
  12. Version 6.5 Mac computer. iOS or Mac is not the same ?
  13. I would like EN always to open where I left it But as it is now, when I minimise the window and maximise again, EN starts at a different note.
  14. Sometimes EN only writes upper case letters. I cannot make it write lower case letter
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