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Copy Note Link Opens Web Browser with No Option to Open in App



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5 hours ago, gottastayorganized said:

I've noticed that all my "copy note links" no longer open in the application, but open int he web browser. In addition, the web browser does not give the option to open in the application any more. Not sure what is going on but I rely on this feature a lot.

Its been discussed previously in the forum.
Evernote maintains 3 types of note links: Classic, Private, Public
Classic is the link that opens in the application (evernote:///view/....)
Public and Private are the links that open in the web browser (https://www.evernote.com/shard/...)

To force a copy of the Classic link on the Mac, you have to hold down the Option key.

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On 15/03/2016 at 5:42 PM, DTLow said:

Evernote maintains 3 types of note links: Classic, Private, Public

When I copy note link from Evernote App on Mac it's old link without "Open in Evernote" button (evernote.com/shard/000/nl/...)
and when I copy from Web App its new link with new design and with that button... (evernote.com/shard/000/sh/...)

Any idea how can I get new link from Mac App?

//edit: Ah, ok "/sh/" is shared link. But then why I can't use "open in evernote" in "/nl/"

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