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  1. What happened to the template feature? That was probably one of the best new features you created and it is gone from the beta! I'm tempted to try to reinstall the beta just so I can have that back!
  2. Also, would love to have custom searches apply to spaces or you can call it saved filters. That would huge for collaboration! Oh, and be able to move spaces to favorites....
  3. Would love drag and drop into pinned notes as I may see a recent note that I want to quickly drag over there. Would love search capability in my space and to be allowed to right click a pinned note and duplicate it. Also, would love to be able to chat within my space about that spaces content.
  4. Great! Would also love the the ability to drag and drop into pinned space from recent note area.
  5. So excited for this! It is weird that I initially received an email to join this beta program a month or so ago and our business account is still in the "waiting" period and has not been activated. While I have another business account and decided to activate the beta on the 19th and it immediately took me to the spaces feature. Any idea on how to get my first business activated on the beta????
  6. How do you have the personal and business open side-by-side as suggested. I've tried creating a new window and switching but both windows change to the other account. I have beta 2 running now but I did not see a form for beta 2 yet. Thanks!
  7. This beta is barely usable for me as it shuts down at least 20 times a day. There is clearly API problems when integrating with Airmail and Alfred as well as when ever I try to edit a PDF through evernote it will also shut down multiple times. I tried downloading the original on the evernote website but I can't use it as it says something about how I have a newer database which is incompatible with the old one. Do you have anything for me to make evernote more usable?
  8. The beta has broken most of the ways by which I quickly add notes or search for notes. The alfred workflow is now broken and the Airmail quick send is broken as well. Also, while I love the idea of having business and personal separated, you need to allow for a third option which is "both" so we can search our entire database. That is necessary! Thanks but I will have to get rid of this and rebuild from the old one.
  9. I've noticed that all my "copy note links" no longer open in the application, but open int he web browser. In addition, the web browser does not give the option to open in the application any more. Not sure what is going on but I rely on this feature a lot.
  10. I just realized that the copy to public link feature doesn't work. I will click it and I will receive a notification that the note is shared but when I try and paste the link, nothing happens....ever. I'ver tried a bunch of times with different notes and I get no URL, just blankness. :-(
  11. Interesting. The file says PDF but says it isn't indexed. So weird. How do I make sure everything is indexed? Not sure how this happened.....just spoke with evernote support and sounds like PDF's are never indexed but so they will always say they aren't indexed (OCR'd instead). Not sure what the next step is...
  12. Here is an example of a note that is not being searched as a pdf: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s41/sh/e56efdc4-ab2e-4790-a117-1a2ce76b99a7/806d7ef35a1c3f8eed85ac563845aec3
  13. Beta eight still does not search any PDF's that came from my fresh20 subscription. I know Jackolicious requested I send him the pdf that is not searching but I don't know how as I know no way of sending an attachment through this forum. Thanks! Just did a quick "everything" search with the word "turkey." The beta came back with 27 results and the non-beta (for the same search) came back with 82. I found all pdf's related to fresh20 and only 29 of the 82 were those pdfs. That means there are 53-27=26 additional pdf's that are not being searched by the beta. I wonder how many other people are having similar results.
  14. Jackolicious, so sorry for my ignorance but I don't know how to send an attachment to you directly. My apologies!
  15. So bummed that I installed beta seven and I still cannot search within my pdfs. I'll do my search that I do with my non-beta version and I get nothing. I just wanted you guys to know as your beta notes mention fixing at least part of this problem. My problem hasn't been fixed.
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