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How to search just for notes written by me (i.e. notes which source isn't webclip)?

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How to search just for notes written by me?

If the syntax (source:web.clip) could be elaborated a bit more using an operator as NOT, I could find notes that weren't clipped (which would be my notes!). Is this search possible? Something like NOT source:web.clip...

Anyway, any search that find just notes I wrote will help!

Thanks for assistance,




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You could try using the author field.  A search of author:car* will return any notes where the authors name begins with car.  You can display Author as a field in list view as well. 

There have been changes on EN's side across time.  As far as I can tell prior to June 2015 notes that were added through the import folder did not have an author, since then they seem to have one.  Web clips don't seem to have an author not matter the case.  So you may or may not have all the data you need.  You can go to list view and sort by author to see how well it fits for you.  Windows anyway.  FWIW.

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