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Every time I open Evernotes on my desketop, my notes are sorted differently than I chose. I have to re-select them to be sorted by Title and un-select the "reverse order" choice each and every day. This does not happen on my tablet or phone.  Does anyone have a solution to this?

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    Ok, my problem is similar to this but slightly different. I finally figured out how to make my numbered notes list in sequential order via the Android app, by sorting by title for ALL NOTES, then my notes in my individual notes were perfectly in numbered order. Basically a 001, 002, 003, etc. I then synced my android phone. When I login via the desktop app, or even the web browser they are all out of order again. I change the setting on the browser and/or the desktop app, but they are still out of order.. Even worse they are now also out of order on my android phone. I cant seem to put them back in order again. I make sure the setting is sort by title. I have signed out, and back in. Restarted the computer, and the phone, but the solution eludes me. Very frustrating. Any ideas please?

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I have the same problem, only that the notes NEVER manage to appear in order.

The titles of the my notes contain dates in this way:






But they come up as they wish:





Not good sorting numbers.

I do not choose Sort by Date because if I may write the note on a different day from the one the note refers to.

Please could someone help.


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You both seem to be saying that sorting by note title isn't working. That's odd because it's a very common pattern/usage and if it were widely broken we would know about it.

Can you confirm the settings ?

On mine I added a couple of notes with your dates as titles. It all sorts as expected.

I am on Side List view, with three panels side-by-side (notes books, note list, preview on the right).


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1 hour ago, Isabel Garcia Gimeno said:

I use the same settings.

Please try using more than a couple notes, six at least. Then try logging out and then in again. Do they stay sorted? Not for me.

If the context is all notes or a specific notebook, set the sort to title and then do a File - Exit as opposed to logging out.  This should keep the sort when you open EN. 

If it is not all note or a specific notebook, save the search and the view.


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