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Evernote Advanced mode: for power users


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Evernote tags are the backbone of its organizational power... however, I feel like the concept isn't being taken far enough in a number of ways. Most answers I receive on the forums haven't sufficiently addressed the needs I have as an Evernote power user. I get wanting to keep things simple so that the core software is as appealing to as many users as possible - but I also think that so many excellent software products in the last decade suffer from trying to avoid more advanced features as to not confuse less technical users. That all said, there are some things I wish Evernote with its all powerful tagging system did:

Relational mapping: Beng able to visualise the relationship between tags can help not only find patterns in your own data, but also help locate similar articles that may have been tagged differently. Mohio map, but built in.

Multi-parent Tag hierarchies:  Having multi parent tag hierarchies would allow you to better relationally sort through your info as a map would - being able to tag a recipe as "Pad Thai" and have it also be under the tag "Recipe" as WELL as "Thai Food" would allow for far more flexible searching.

Synonymous and plural tag relationships: This is a big one. I know that many people have a system for their tags, ie always singular or plural - but on the fly and in certain EN interfaces (like mailing in) it's not always easy to know what existing tags you're using for a particular type of article or clip. To have synonymous referencing would make life a WHOLE lot easier. 

These don't need to be features that complicate things for the average user, it could be Evernote advanced mode... I just feel like EN is missing a large opportunity to make their data go further - heck, the data from tag relationships would be interesting to send into neural networks too.

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Hi.  A commercial software house has to conserve its resources to apply them to the development work that will benefit most existing users and bring in new ones.  I don't really see that advanced tagging features would benefit more than the relatively few power users who want/ need to use them.  It's frustrating I know to work within the fairly simple structure that Evernote currently provide,  but it is widely applicable and very reliable.  I wouldn't think that Evernote would want to develop anything further for the time being at least.

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