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  1. Exactly this.. seems to be this tendency in software development since the mid 00s to emulate Apple in every way, and by that I mean 'KISS' -making things accessible to the masses. Most startups bank on this because it's the only way to pull the revenue they need to stay afloat - problem is we end up with a bunch of programs forever catering to the lowest common denominator. I miss 'smart' software. What you've said I can't agree with more, hide it in an advanced section - enable 'advanced' mode and add all the (VERY EASILY IMPLEMENTED (programatically speaking)) features for those who want/ne
  2. I'm also not against hierarchical tags, the downside is, as opposed to synonyms, they are, well, hierarchical - for searching purposes, a system that equates two tags would be better rather than ranks them - you still want to get the children from the parent and vice-versa. That said, I LOVE the idea of hierarchical tags - so then when I tag something "Pizza", it also gets tagged as "Fast Food".
  3. Case in point, Jeff. You're an engaged user, and your vote is "Meh". How "Meh" do you think the non-engaged users are (positively OR negatively?). The vote system's a good start, but it still only engages a fraction of the user base, one that has mostly, for as long as I've lurked on the forums, given 'meh' responses to frequently requested features by more casual users (who tend to only show up when they feel like the product they regularly use, and increasingly fork out for isn't meeting their needs). It certainly is: to me, more is more. I like to slap a lot of different
  4. Anyone who's posted in favour of tag synonyms, please head over to my post and give it in an upvote, (now that there's an upvote system) https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/99044-tag-synonyms/
  5. Herein lies my problem with the 'upvote in a forum' system: 1) The majority of Evernote users don't visit the forum frequently. 2) The average engagement of those who DO occasionally visit, is minimal 3) Even when you find people, such as those who have commented in this thread, who 'don't mind' your idea, or like an idea similar to it, they still don't 'upvote' the idea. To any E/N staff reading - search 'synonym' and you'll see this is not the first time this topic has been brought up.
  6. I think some of my erroneous tags come from mailed in notes... which granted, won't help with synonymity, but at least can be sorted with things like plurality.
  7. Yes - and I've brought this up before (prior to the new upvote system), that works too. Essentially it boils down to the specific 'unfuzzy' nature of tags as they currently stand in EN - there needs to be a more forgiving nature regarding tag names, and relationships between those tags. I've heard people's rules mentioned numerous times, and although I'm sure it works, I personally prefer to have the software work for me, not the other way around.
  8. Because it hasn't been mentioned since the new Product Feedback instructions, I'd like to bring up tag synonyms, as per Stack Overflow, it would be invaluable to define tag synonyms for words with a similar meaning, or plural/singular variations. It doesn't need to be an automated thesaurus, just a manual means of linking tags.
  9. Glad I'm not the only one who noticed- it's awful!! 6.1.1 on the mac is great, but what is with the new web layout?!
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