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Typing lag using bluetooth keyboard

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Hello.  I love using Evernote on my Asus tablet.  I often connect my bluetooth keyboard, more often lately whenever I am trying to type using the keyboard there is at a one second lag in evernote producing the keystroke and if I type normally the letters will only appear in about one second intervals.  I can type four words and it'll take 10 seconds for the last letter to appear, trying to delete or backspace is the same thing.  I've used the same set up (tablet, keyboard) for a long time, but lately it seems to be doing this more often.

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Hi. I'd suggest raising a support request and attaching your Activity Log - scroll to the bottom of this page to click the 'Contact Support' button.  Issues with Bluetooth keyboards have been reported before,  though not much recently.  Not sure if that means the previous issues have been fixed,  or folks just stopped using keyboards that didn't work so well.  Evernote peeps would be the ones to tell you more on that...  (If you're not a paying subscriber,  you will at least be able to complete a bug report.)

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Replying since I found the cause on my phone.

When you connect a keyboard there is still an "Virtual keyboard" active. On my android you can select a different virtual keyboard by tapping on the keyboard icon on the screen (probably different location for different androids) and select another virtual keyboard. For me SwiftKey keyboard was really slow and the fastest seemed to be Gboard.

Hope this helps someone else :)

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