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Anyone using HabitRPG?


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Link to HabitRPG site for those who are curious: https://habitica.com/static/front

Seems like it might be a useful task manager for those not in corporate environments. The gamifying concept works for some people. I have used many pomodoro apps on my phone, but the game-themed pomodoro app I'm using now has been the most motivating by far. 

Any EN users using HabitRPG? Seems like there is zero integration with EN unfortunately. @TaskClone, any plans to provide integration b/w HabitRPG and EN? Or would you need to wait for HabitRPG to have some minimal integration infrastructure with EN before building on it?


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57 minutes ago, TaskClone said:

@tavor Can't find any way to get new tasks into their system.  Would be fun if we could find a way.  Their API seems focused on habits, not tasks.

They do have a ToDo's section, as seen in this tutorial video, so perhaps there is some differentiation in their API between Habits, Dailies and ToDo's? 

Separately, it looks like there is a script to sync HabitRPG with Remember the Milk: http://habitica.wikia.com/wiki/Remember_the_Milk_Sync



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I've been using Habitica (formerly HabitRPG) for a few weeks, and I love it. Gamifying works, at least for me (it takes advantage of some of the features that makes games so addictive).

The product is definitely in beta, so I'm not ready to dump my current task manager, Remember the Milk. My task workflow looks like this:

1. every morning, check Next Actions list in RTM

2. choose those actions I can reasonably expect/need to get done today and copy them into Habitica. Change dates or otherwise modify remaining Next Actions in RTM.

3. work on the tasks in Habitica, which is a combination of non-repeating ToDo's (copied over from RTM), Dailies (repeating tasks you need to every day, certain days of the week, or weekly), and Habits (activities/behaviors that you are trying to incorporate into, or eliminate from, your life).

As new tasks arise, I'll enter them in RTM if due tomorrow or later. If due today, I'll enter them directly in Habitica. Task management in RTM is unchanged other than my making a more concerted effort to keep the Next Action list realistic and not let it accumulate hundreds of tasks. The real advantage of Habitica is that it provides motivation to actually complete tasks via the gamifying concept.

And I really like having the Dailies and Habits separated out from the non-repeating ToDo's.

My productivity has increased significantly since I started using Habitica. There is no desktop app that I'm aware of, as is the case for many task managers, which simply use a web app and mobile apps. I use the Habitica web app and android app (iphone app also available).

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