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Opening note links from other apps in the EN app (NOT in browser)

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I have seen this question and related threads in this forum before. I am not sure if these queries were resolved. At least I did not find any answer when I searched for one (unless I missed something, which is entirely possible). Today I managed to crack this little mystery of getting evernote links to open in the android app instead of browser. I thought I would share this bit with the community. I use Todoist to manage my projects and ToDos. And I use EN for everything else. I often want to and need to reference a note in a Todoist task, but couldn't figure out how to link the two, until today, that is! This is how I went about it:

  1. Long tap on the note you want to use in the other app.
  2. Tap Share->Post a link. Android should display a list of relevant apps Box (or Dropbox), CloudMagic (or Gmail) and actions such as Post to Facebook, Add to Firefox, and so on.
  3. In my case, I select the Add as task with the Todoist icon. Upon tapping it, I see a new task created with the note link. Now the way to use hyperlinks in Todoist is to use brackets.
  4. I now have a task with a link to the reference note in EN. It opens in the EN app not browser.

Hope this helps those who have been looking for a way to do this.


Wish everyone a very Happy 2016!



P.S.: I am using EN 7.5 and Todoist 8.4 on a Nexus 6 running Android 6.0.1

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