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  1. Instead of proactively peeping at user accounts and notes to improve machine learning tech, wouldn't it be a better idea to let users report cases where THEY THINK Evernote need to fix an issue with machine learning? That way, the company can still get feedback about its machine learning technologies from the intended users, while at the same time avoid confusion, and unnecessarily making people uncomfortable! Please reconsider the approach!
  2. I switched to MS Lens for all my scanning needs. Its working for now. The only trouble is, I have to manually import scans into notes from gallery. And OCR takes time to recognize text (12 hrs, once). But the scan quality is very good and it seems to do a better job of recognizing the target text than EN's automatic mode. Thank you all for your tips
  3. I am using EN latest version on Nexus 6 running Marshmallow. I have a very hard time scanning anything to EN: documents, whiteboards, handwriting, anything. The scans are almost always washed out and the auto-focus NEVER manages to capture what actually needs to be captured. I was wondering if the experts in this forum have any tips and tricks to offer that will help me take high quality scans. Any inputs are much appreciated! TIA! GT
  4. Thanks @briancaldwell, I can log onto evernote.com/login.action and use my account. That's where I log in when I don't have access to the app(s). However, when I try to open app.yinxiang.com/login.action, I get this error message: "Your connection is not private." I tried accessing in both FF and Chrome. Here are the screenshots:
  5. @jbenson2 Thanks for your reply. Actually I have no issues with the EN website. When I open it, I see the usual English website as expected. My query was triggered when I saw that on my android phone, I saw "yinxiang.com and related URLs" under Supported Links. This made me wonder whether my EN data is going to Chinese servers.
  6. Hello, I am an EN Plus customer from India. I would like to know which data center is used to store my data. Is it China? I see yinxiang as one of the supported links in android app permissions. This makes me a little uncomfortable. If it is indeed China, then is there a way I can change this? Thanks, GT
  7. @Dave-in-Decatur I use Firefox on a Nexus 6. Here's how the "in-browser" clipper appears: Yes, sharing works much better than this. I hope EN improves clipping functionality in android.
  8. Yes, that's what it is. The android app also installs a clipper for your browser. I am using Firefox. I haven't tried the browser addon in a while, so I don't if there are any improvements there, but creating notes by sharing with EN works great now.
  9. I have no idea about the installer. I just left a suggestion in the Android Feedback forum for a support guy I was interacting with that EN should highlight "reinstallation" as a basic troubleshooting step for people like us puzzled by the missing functionality long after the update. The update is great! Apart from the advertised new features, I also see some improvement in the android clipper functionality, esp. with Twitter. Now my only wish is better (lot better) support for tables on android devices. At present we cannot create tables in android but the ones created elsewhere look totally messed up while viewing on them. Happy Evernoting!
  10. UPDATE: I just uninstalled and reinstalled the android app. It works as advertised now. I think it would be good if you can highlight "reinstalling the app" as a preliminary troubleshooting step. That would help others facing similar issues. GT
  11. UPDATE: I just uninstalled and reinstalled my android app and lo and behold! It works! I can see the missing functionality.
  12. I am facing the exact same issue. I am using Nexus 6 and have the latest EN version installed. I don't see the new formatting options nor do I see the Google Drive option. I just contacted EN. I hope they come back with a resolution.
  13. Anyone from EN Support out there? Still waiting for an answer and a solution. Thanks!
  14. Nope! I see nothing of that sort. Neither the two formatting options nor Google Drive icon in your screenshot. Here's how my note editor looks: Sorry for the poor quality screenshot. Thanks, GT
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