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Evernote on Linux

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Hi, first of all, I love Evernote and have been using it for several years.

I searched the forums before I made this post, and I see there are some previous posts about just this topic, so even though I couldn't find any messages about making an official EN client for Linux- I'd like to chime in and make the request.

For me, Evernote is about being independent of both operating system and web, being able to go offline and still be able to use Evernote. At the moment I can't do this when using any variant of Linux.

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Hi.  Have a search around the forums.  There have been passionate pleas for Evernote to produce a version that will run on Linux,  but the problem is that while users of other OS's number in the billions,  Linux has a comparatively small user base and this requires the creation of a completely new  suite of software to run the service.  It's just not worth it to Evernote (yet).

See https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/93527-why-evernote-is-not-available-for-linux/So far Evernote appears not to have decided to invest the time and money required to develop this completely new application.


Evernote will (apparently) run in WINE on Linux but there's no support available other than from friendly users.


You might be interested in these links on Evernote clones

http://sourceforge.net/projects/nevernote/files/NixNote2 - Beta 2/




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6 minutes ago, Graham Campbell said:

The Wine version is pants and barely works. We ask for a linux version and get 'Free premium with a Moleskine notebook' - are you seriously saying that more people asked for a paper notebook branded Evernote than asked for a linux version? LIAR

I didn't mention notebooks.

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If you're using Ubuntu (or, in my case, Linux Mint), Everpad works well. As a backup, I've also installed NixNote (which also works well). I should say, works well for me -- my needs are simple, almost exclusively text notes. And there's now actually a bonus when using a non-official Linux Evernote clients -- they don't count against your device limitations when using the Basic version of Evernote because they use the Evernote API. 

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