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simplify formatting bug

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the problem is, I copied a web format in note & after simplified into table, the whole table moved few lines below and automatically replicates to every old & new notes that has been created like a watermark or a signature. please help me with this bug....

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Hi.  It's not a 'bug' - Evernote's editor doesn't (and was never intended to) allow you to edit the html code which is creating the format.  If it's practical,  try copying the content into a text-only editor like Notepad and then copy/ paste that content back into the note.  If you wish to retain the table format,  copy it into Word and fix the layout,  then copy it back.

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3 hours ago, Supershadow said:

automatically replicates to every old & new notes that has been created like a watermark or a signature

I'm not sure I understand what you mean by this.

The Simplify Formatting function should affect only the Note in which you are using it.  While I have seen it add blank lines, I have never seen it cause overlaps of images like you would have with a watermark.  If you are seeing overlapping images after Simplify Formatting, then that could be a bug.

Perhaps if you could share a before and after screenshot it would help our understanding of the issue you are seeing.

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On 2/18/2016 at 8:18 PM, Markus77 said:

After I attempted to simplify formatting on text I copied/pasted to a note, the text is now embedded in every old note and new note as a watermark/footer on the bottom

If the suggestion by @gazumped does not fix your issue, you can try a simple app reinstall:

For this type of problem, sometimes a simple reinstall of the app will fix the problem.

This should not affect any of your Notes or other data.

But if you have any Local Notebooks, you might want to export them to ENEX files just to be safe.


To reinstall the app, see Evernote KB Article: How do I uninstall and reinstall Evernote [App]?

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