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Extra Settings Requested - More Screen Real Estate For Note Editing

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I mostly use the evernote windows app (5.9 at the time of writing) and I'm a bit frustrated with the "screen real estate" or screen space that I lose for options that I don't use or for things that provide little or no added value to me. I mainly edit my notes from the main window, I don't like to work on them from separate note-windows.

I've attached a picture which should illustrate the issue.

- I want to hide the title in the note itself. I know that this is probably more clear to the user to see what he's working on, but this is never a problem for me... So it would be good to have this as a setting. Maybe you could visualise the note title in another way, maybe as a watermark visualisation in the top right or something, just an idea.

- I want to hide the two bars (with the tags, and with the text options)

- I can't align a table to the top of a note, there always needs to be an (empty) line there. Might seem like a small remark, but I'm working in this note 90% of my time in evernote (todo-list sort of). So that's a bit annoying.

Can you tell me if these remarks will be taken into consideration (or not)? Or if there's another workaround?

PS: you can ignore the text remark on the bottom of the image, I found out about the CTRL-SHIFT-F5 option after doing some search here on the forum, so that's been resolved already. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/86509-how-to-layout-my-screen/

Evernote - Screen Real Estate.jpg

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If you want you can hit F10 to toggle off the left panel which provides more screen real estate. 

  • Relative to the title it used to be stationary back in the day, now it scrolls off the screen for longer notes.  Not sure I've heard the enhancement for optional display before or if it is in EN's development queue. 
  • That real estate above the format bar is for tag display.  An option not to display tags for a note is counter intuitive so I would be surprised if that would be considered as an enhancement, but you never know.
  • The blank line before the table is a recent addition, didn't use to be that way.  If it bothers you that much you can use a tool called ENML, http://enml-editor.ping13.net/, to remove the code below which will remove the blank line.  Not too hard, but practice on a test note if you decide to give it a try.

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?>
<!DOCTYPE en-note SYSTEM "http://xml.evernote.com/pub/enml2.dtd">
    <br />

 <table style="bord........


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13 hours ago, Jay_G said:

Can you tell me if these remarks will be taken into consideration (or not)? Or if there's another workaround?

RE:  Extra Settings Requested - More Screen Real Estate For Note Editing

None of us non-Evernote forum members have any special insight into Evernote's plans, so I really can't comment about your question except to say that it is generally reported that Evernote reads most posts to these forums.  I can say that recently Evernote has been more receptive to user feedback than before.  For example, see this survey:
Participate in the Evernote Editor Survey!

I, for one, have always preferred to have more options/preferences available to the user.  With over 100M users, it is unlikely that we all prefer the same things.

It has been requested a number of time to have shortcuts that toggle on/off the various panels in the UI.  At one time EN Win has this.


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Thanks for the tip about the ping13 editor. I was able to remove the empty line, and also clean up the table a bit (less padding pixels) which helped getting more text on the screen for my main working note (todo-list). I know about the F10 button, the main thing for me is to have more lines on the screen (vertical space). Width isn't really the issue.

I never use tags, and hardly use advanced text editing. So being able to remove/hide these two bars would help. Thinking about it, even the bar above that (with the search) can be removed for me. This search bar could be merged with the default search (control-F).
The title and menu bar could also be hidden... (like they did for Chrome and Firefox)
Not saying these should be default options, but it would be nice if the more advanced users would have more control of how their data is displayed. You can say I'm nitpicking but I lose about 25% of my precious vertical space :-)

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You are welcome, and I do the same thing relative to taking the air out of tables (created a few templates of varying widths to make it quicker). 

I like information density myself, but have need to for the tag and search space, different use case for sure.  EN has not shown much propensity for putting user options into the product, so I wouldn't be holding my breath...  which I am  sure you aren't.

You are living on the wild side flying in the face of the current trend for pretty and uncluttered!  ;)

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I've been working with updated evernote (v6) now and I'm very pleased with the update the developers have given to the note editor.
There have been some nice new user options and most of my qualms here have been resolved! Not sure if this topic played a role, but thanks anyway.

Two remarks:

  • a bit of a conflicting setting: under "Tools" -> "Options" -> "Note" -> there is a checkbox: "always show note editing toolbar". And under "view" you can toggle the note editing toolbar as well (F8).
  • Would be nice to have the option under "View" to toggle the "tags toolbar" and the "note title toolbar" as well.


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