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  1. Yeah, would be nice to have. Not only for lists, but just for general text as well. A lot of times I wanna move a line up or down. A lot of IDE (code editors) have this as well. E.g. IntelliJ. Notepad++ has the same behavior too. Control-Shift + Up/Down would be my preferred shortcut. I see this is currently mapped to sub/superscript, but I don't think those should have a shortcut... Ticket can probably be move to "general feature requests". It's not really windows specific...
  2. I updated to v (307474) Public (CE Build ce-48.0.5483) (win 10) and the issue seems fixed for me... Strange, no mention of this in the release log. Would think they'd post something here as well if they'd fix it...
  3. The problem is still there, I'm on Windows (10) v6.13.13.7425 (307425). Very strange this isn't fixed yet... Has been bugging me for a LONG time now, at some point I even switched to an older version of Evernote (I think v6.4). Please bump this on the priority list! Thanks
  4. Upgraded from 5.X (?) to this version some day ago. I have the same issue with the line breaks. Even more annoying: some notes are randomly replaced with the contents of other notes... At first I thought I had accidentally done something wrong (like copy-pasting the content or something), but I have already seen three different notes for which it has happened now. I had to upgrade Evernote premium in order to restore these notes, the other plans doesn't allow you to see the note history... I'll probably be stuck on this plan for a long time as I have no idea how many of my notes were
  5. Thanks for the tip, but there's no such setting in the windows client... Thanks, but I'm a bit paranoid about that program. It's basically a key-logger so it could send anything to anyone. I know it's open source, but still, I'd like to avoid installing programs if i don't need to.
  6. Would be great if this could be configured somewhere that it only inserts the date. I have to delete the time part almost every time. Could be under 'settings'...
  7. Good idea, I just did it with the driver program i could download from the MS website (I have a MS mouse). I could set this shortcut for evernote specifically ...
  8. A lot of mouses have extra buttons on the side for added productivity. I attached a picture for clarity, it's not my exact mouse but you get the idea. A lot of programs map these buttons (automatically) to do (more or less) the same action: Browser (I use firefox and Chrome): go to the previous (or next) page IntelliJ (my IDE): go to the previous class (code document) NotePad++: go to the previous note... ... I use the evernote windows client (see my signature). I understand that if you don't have these keys on your mouse it's not relevant for you, and there's a k
  9. Pressing the "back" button of your mouse should load the previous note in the history list. (Like it's happening in any browser.) Currently nothing happens... Have to click the back-button in evernote itself...
  10. Was already done. Just wanted to emphasize it's an important feature for me, which probably wouldn't take that much effort to improve upon. Side note: after a lot of searching/browsing somebody pointed to a hidden "short-cut" to get the link to your current note: alt + N + L
  11. +10000. I have MANY notes which I want to link to each other, which is currently very cumbersome. (I'm using mainly the Windows app.) I've listed some ideas below. a: Like another user already mentioned: it would be good to have a "linked notes" section, perhaps at the bottom of a note. I realise this is a completely new feature. b: Improve the current functionality (control-K). From within my notes, I currently add links a lot. Currently I have to search for the related note, then right-click that note -> "copy note link". Go back to my previous note, then paste the note (control
  12. +1 for a TOC-macro I use Confluence (by Atlassian) for my job, and it has a lot of features in the editor which would be great for evernote as well. Especially the easy insertion of macros. I use the TOC-functionality there a lot... Currently I'm keeping my notes short, because of I want to be able to link information quickly... Also see the following topic:
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