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Slow Sync (750ko/s) - Sync Never End



Sync max 750ko/s on download. Connected to internet with fiber 65Mb Down & 6.5Mb Up. 

Using Macbook Pro 15" i7" 2.6Ghz / El Capitan. (Fresh new install)
(i easily see the speed with istat menu & confirmed with other softwares).

When i open a note that wasn't synched, the attachement are downloaded at also 750ko/s

Evernote support open a ticket on 28 september : the problem is still the same now, 2 month later.
Evernote support told me they don't limit the sync speed.

No speed limitation ? It's hard for me to believe it ! And always the same max speed.

What's speed do you sync ?


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I have the same issue on a similar machine (MacBook Pro i7 fresh install, synced all my data)

Now when editing notes / adding new notes I get the the impression that sync just runs forever.

I searched for known issues and stumbled over this post here.

I also want to check the network speeds (I'm on a fast network syncing over W-Lan)

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I'd suggest raising a support request - scroll to the bottom of this page to click the 'Contact Support' button.  When you say sync runs forever,  are you seeing the rotating arrows going around,  or having a long wait between manually syncing and the 'sync complete' pop-up?  My Windows setup takes a second or two at most to spin before the 'complete' window appears when I add new notes,  though the network activity seemed to go on for far longer,  peaking at several MB upload.  Don't know how (or whether) Evernote structure a sync - maybe there's a quick-ish 'add and delete' process before a longer double check on overall notebook and tag organisation...
Either way this shouldn't be a problem in normal use.  How is it interrupting your workflow?  Is the problem delaying shutdown or are you using two platforms at once?
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1 hour ago, gazumped said:

Either way this shouldn't be a problem in normal use.  How is it interrupting your workflow?  Is the problem delaying shutdown or are you using two platforms at once?

Why not a problem ? Strange thinking...

When search are made in evernote client : results are only in synched notes, so miss a lot.
It's normal for you the sync never end after 3 months ?
Sync may use the maximum speed of internet connection and take less time possible.

Also when opening a note which wasn't sync, it take more times. 
Cannot use offline.

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Actually I planned to open up a ticket for this.

But this morning everything was fine again.

Coming back to your question I was seeing the sync going on and on and the arrows turning and turning (showing that it was acutally doing something)

So I thought maybe that's because it needs to do some "background works" on the new machine.

So I kept my EN instance open and put a tail on the respective latest file /Users/YOUR_USER_HERE/Library/Application Support/com.evernote.Evernote/logs

I continued some other work for about 1h and afterwards everything had been synced without issues. 

So from my point of view there is no issue any longer and it was just like: "let it run and download all the things for a while as this was the first setup on the machine".

Just as a reference I have some 11392 notes that I wanted to be synced.


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6 Months after opening ticket : Still the same trouble, sync seems to have 700ko/s limit in download.
And still the same after several reinstall, also after fresh osx install. 
Support ask me to delete some notes, nothing change.



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