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I click help and am bounced to a russian evernote page....really?

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Several other people have encountered similar problems.

It is worrisome to see this problem appearing. (coding problem inside Evernote?)


In the past, I was connected to the French site and another time to the Chinese site. (I cannot speak French or Chinese)

My solution was to turn off Evernote >File >Exit and then reboot my computer.

When I opened Evernote, it worked correctly.

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Can you provide some additional clarification on how you are getting to the Russian Help Center page?  You mentioned Evernote Windows, where are you selecting the link from within Everntoe Windows? There may be a direct link somewhere that includes the language preference by accident. 

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Here is my communication with Evernote on the Chinese link. English was the only language installed on my computer.

Ticket #200846: Cannot access Evernote.com in English - October 2013



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I've been to the Evernote.com website over the past few years with no problems. Starting yesterday, I noticed that when I go the www.evernote.com website, I am automatically switched to the Chinese version at http://www.yinxiang.com/


I have cleared my cache and rebooted, but the Chinese version still shows up.


The Chinese version only appears on Firefox.

The English version appears on both IE and Chrome


Karl from Evernote said:

I have escalated your ticket to our next level of support. Thanks for your patience while we attempt to resolve your issue.



Allan from Evernote said:

I'm very sorry this is happening to you.


Yinxiang.com is a valid site (owned by Evernote), but you should not be receiving a redirect to that page. To attempt to track this down, please check to ensure that you do not have any other languages installed in your Firefox Browser (specifically, Simplified Chinese). If you do, please remove them.



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The problem with the Evernote French site showed up a couple months ago this year.

Here is a post that has my information.

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