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One Way Synchronization in Evernote Desktop


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Hello all,


        I'm using Evernote Desktop with my Premium account. I know how sync in evernote works. The problem I'm facing is that I use Evernote for everything. Like storing important files, notes, text documents, office documents etc. and I use evernote in lots of devices like 1 to 10 devices for different purposes. So here is the problem description since I use evernote everything obviously the content in my evernote is more. and I don't want all content to be downloaded to evernote desktop as it occupies more space locally and I may/may not use such content in desktop device. So what I want is a feature that only enables Synchronization from Evernote desktop to Evernote Cloud but not the other way around. is it possible?


       A good scenario to explain the expected resolution I'm looking at is... evernote web where we can see the notes for which we are searching not every note downloaded by evernote.


       Please let me know if this is possible or not.




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I believe what you are asking for is what some of us have been calling "selective sync" on the desktop apps (EN Win, EN Mac).

This is basically what is available on the mobile devices, with only the Note headers (which require very little space) being stored on the device.  Optionally, the "offline notebooks" allow the user to select certain Notebooks to be fully downloaded and stored.


I agree with you.  We urgently need selective sync on the desktop apps.  Evernote has encouraged us from the beginning to put our entire lives into Evernote.  It is only a matter of time before our account requires more storage than will fit on some of our devices, or more than we want to allocate to Evernote.


I have a very similar situation as you, with multiple Macs.  On my MBA-11, I have only 128GB total drive space available.  I really can't afford to store a large Evernote database on it.

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One option I have considered is to create alternate Evernote accounts that I would not have on my machine, but could access on the web. In my case, this likely will be an archive account. 

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Yes, I agree, but beware that EN's syncing Engine is not exactly the greatest when compared to say Dropbox or G Drive. Syncing can be a real pain for large amount of files, especially in places where i live in Rural India, where Internet speeds are quite low. 

I am happy with things, the way they are, but i do appreciate and value the logic of this statement, especially for users who have high speeds and can afford the bandwidth exchange. 


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