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Pocket to Evernote permissions clarity


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Well I want to send my pocket stuff to evernote but I am unclear about the permissions. Basically, I do not want Pocket to read (or anyone else for that matter) to touch any of my present notes and notebooks in Evernote already. I was hoping someone can clarify the following ...



from evernote:






*Update notes --- the app will be able to modify existing notes ---"     To me, this sounds suspiciously like Pocket is able to make changes to my notes already in Evernote?


*Retrieve notes --- Are they saying that Pocket can read my existing notes and all other information about that note?




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Hi.  Permissions are compartmentalised by developers,  but the OS often isn't as specific with its permission levels.  If Pocket is to save and if necessary edit or delete its own notes,  it is "able to modify existing notes".  Grabbing the content for you to edit or read is - "retrieving notes".  There's no overlap with any existing notes,  which will remain isolated from the app at all times.  If you continue to be concerned,  you could create a new free account with which to use Pocket,  or raise a support ticket for a specific response from Evernote.  Follow the Help Center in my signature below and scroll to the bottom of the Troubleshooting page for the Contact Support button.


This is a user forum and Evernote are unlikely to respond directly or very quickly to individual queries.

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