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  1. Well I want to send my pocket stuff to evernote but I am unclear about the permissions. Basically, I do not want Pocket to read (or anyone else for that matter) to touch any of my present notes and notebooks in Evernote already. I was hoping someone can clarify the following ... from evernote: https://evernote.com/privacy/3rd_party_app_permissions.php *Update notes --- the app will be able to modify existing notes ---" To me, this sounds suspiciously like Pocket is able to make changes to my notes already in Evernote? *Retrieve notes --- Are they saying that Pocket can read my existing notes and all other information about that note?
  2. I'm getting this problem too. Build desktop. Hope there's a fix soon.
  3. Thanks Gazumped. I changed the timezone and set an example reminder this morning, and lo and behold received an emailed in my inbox! And I found free versions of email reminders so I'll how that works out. Cheers!
  4. I'm not getting an email reminder alert (yes, i did tick the reminder box) I'm just wondering if there are any settings I missing. I'm using gmail. As a further question ... I'm suppose to be getting an email in the morning of the day I request the reminder right?? Another question ... is there any apps or add on out there to have more of a finite control of this alert reminder system? For example ... get a remidner in evernote then another system will alert a few hours before the event etc...
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