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Disconnect between Android and Windows inking?

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So I create an ink note in Android and it can't be edited in Windows.  

When I create a handwritten note in Windows, Android can only view and not edit it.  


Am I missing something?  Is this for real that Evernote will not allow you to edit the same note on any device?  One Note allows edited on Android and in Windows.  I don't want to use One Note because I can't stand Microsoft and Windows 10 (worst installation and dangerously unstable updates), One Drive, Groove, and Outlook app have been a joke and a hassle.  


I really hope that I'm missing something and that Evernote will come out with an update REALLY SOON.  Inking is nothing new.  We're on the 4th verison of the Surface and 5th version of the Note and Evernote is still behind in this regard.     

And with Android there is a annoying slight delay with the inking at the start of each word.    

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Hi.  Not sure how high this is in the priority list,  but Evernote are looking at the editor software,  which hasn't been changed for years,  while new apps have come along using different standards.  Dragging the editor into the 25th anahalfth century required some fundamental rewrites.  That's now been done,  and the changes are being rolled out to all OS's and devices.  Editing a written note on any device certainly seems a reasonable feature request - but for the moment you may have to be content with adding new text rather than changing what's there.  If you copy the title and any tags from an existing note and start a new one,  the two will come up together in any searches.  Just add your new content,  or notes about changes required,  in a new note,  and when you get back to whatever device created the original note,  combine the two.   You may be able to add a new page to the note to contain the 'different' ink format - or you could use a third party handwriting app,  and save the output file from that into an Evernote note.

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