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Disable auto bulleted lists

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Is there any way to disable the function that will automatically create a bulleted list whenever i begin a row with an asterisk? I use them a lot to divide sections within notes, like this ...


* * *


... and it's super annoying that ever since recently Evernote has been creating auto lists. So now it becomes this:


  • * *

Is this a new feature or did i accidentally enable it somehow? And most importantly, how do i turn it off?




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Completely agree: EverNote needs to provide an OFF switch for the auto-formatting.

I do NOT want a program to guess what I want. I want a program to wait form my command, perform that command and only that command. Period.

Do NOT NOT NOT cause the program to decide what's best for me. Provide an OFF switch for auto-formatting of lists!

Cheers & thanks,

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