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  1. For Firefox 53, the Evernote login dialog never provides me with an opportunity to enter my password. It instead displays only a blank page at: https://www.evernote.com/Login.action?targetUrl=%2FHome.action If I right-click that blank page and choose Display Source, the page is completely empty. This over-complicated login sequence was presumably done in the name of "security". All it has done for me is prevent me from using Firefox 53 to log in. I had to use Vivaldi to log in so I could submit this problem... Cheers, RBV SFO
  2. The following idea has probably already been submitted more than once, but I can't find the topics so in my annoyance am creating this post. For Evernote client for Windows, provide the ability to turn off autoformatting of lists, URLs, indeed ANYTHING. An OFF switch for autoformatting has evidently already been implemented in the Mac client. The Windows client needs this, too -- and now! (By the by, I have what I believe to be the most current E'note client for Windows, (277494) Public. IMPORTANT POINT: The Evernote client's autoformatting is so annoying that I have
  3. Completely agree: EverNote needs to provide an OFF switch for the auto-formatting. I do NOT want a program to guess what I want. I want a program to wait form my command, perform that command and only that command. Period. Do NOT NOT NOT cause the program to decide what's best for me. Provide an OFF switch for auto-formatting of lists! Cheers & thanks, Riley SFOI
  4. Currently using version 5 client on Windows. I want COLOR! ■ The ability to color-code notes and notebooks. ■ The ability to choose highlight colors. ■ The abilty to choose the background color of text. ■ The ability to choose a client color scheme other than Mundane Bluegrey Not just a limited palette of pre-defined colors, but the ability to specify RGB or hex color values. Seriously, some of the most primitive Windows applications from the 1980s provided colors customizations. Why can't the Evernote desktop client? Cheers & thanks, Riley SFO
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