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iPad Pro specific version



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However, there are lots of exceptions.


Evernote posted many comments about new features that would be in the Evernote version when iOS 9 was released.

In the EN Mac beta threads, Evernote employees have posted several times about their intentions.


Since the change in management at Evernote (new CEO, CFO, COO, etc), Evernote has been much more open than in the past.


So, @Dabinett, I think you have a great question.  No guarantees of course, but someone from Evernote could show up here and respond.

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We're coming full circle - EN was adapted to apps for mobile use and then ipad use, and now we have a desk sized ipad, I'm looking for the desk sized features and layout that work so well on my Mac - that would be a whole lot better experience than the supersize ipad app!


Looking forward! 

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