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Typing seriously lags!

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using latest Evernote on 4 core LG G-Pad 8 tablet (Lollipop 5.0.2) with OTG USB keyboard, it usually works perfectly.


Today I noticed that when I open a bit longer note (4029 Words, many words are highlighted, 27.968 charcters, 0 images, 0 PDF document, 0 anything else!) the typing lags seriously!

Actually it becomes unusable.


If I try a shorter note, it works good.


Where is the problem?




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Hi.  That's a bit specialised and technical for this user forum - I'd suggest raising a support ticket - click Troubleshooting in the Help Center (link below in my sig) and scroll to the bottom of the page to see the 'Contact Support' button.

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Evernote try to be helpful where they can - if they fixed this issue for someone else they might at least be able to give you pointers in the right direction.  Plus,  it helps to alert them to what hardware doesn't work with their app..  If you need to get past the 'use the forums' message,  try raising a login / account access issue.  Basic users get help with those,  and your access is the issue...

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Hi Bacizone,


There are a couple of things to try to try and get this working:


Recreate the note

1. Copy and paste the content out of the referenced note into a new note

2. Delete the referenced note
3. Go to your 'Trash' notebook at the bottom of your notebooks list and delete the note from there so it's entirely removed from your account
4. Sync Evernote
Simplify the formatting of the note
1. Open the note using the Evernote application for Mac or PC
2. Select Format > Simplify Formatting
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Hi Matt,


the problem starting this thread seems to be more general, and - as I realized later, see below - it refers not just using an OTG cable, but also with the on-screen keyboard.


I tried both method:

Recreated the note in a copy instance, deleted the old one even from the Trash

Also run Format > Simplify Formatting function on the notes.


None of them solved the problem, the typing lag still do exists.


Here are my observations:

What I noticed is that the keyboard (OTG or on-screen, does not matter) reacts pretty good without noticable lag at the top of the document.

When I go down to the bottom and start typing... it seriously lags, it is totally unusable.

When I go to the middle of the document, the lagging is already happens and renders the document hard to edit on Android, still somewhat manageable but not fluid at all.


What i noticed that this document behaves the same not just on Android, but on Windows as well!

Obviously my faster i7 laptop hides this phenomenon, but it does happen there.. it lags at the bottom of the document there as well!


Any more idea?




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