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tag assignments were gone

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some days ago starting EN I found more than 30 notes (of more than 3.000 totally) without any tags. Therefore I had to tag again...



Windows 8.1 - Evernote

I use a search  "-tag:*" to find untagged notes

less than 10 notebooks, some hundreds of different tags

all notes have to be tagged (my approach)


Any idea about the reason?





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Hi.  I've never noticed tags going missing in this way - were the tags themselves deleted?  Or just notes without tags which you were able to re-apply immediately?  Are they recent notes,  old ones,  or a selection of both?


Is it possible that you

  • forgot to apply tags in these cases?
  • imported these notes from an ENEX file?
  • adopted them from a shared note or notebook?
  • rescued them from the Trash or Conflicting Changes notebooks?

I'd suggest you set up a saved search for notes with no tags and keep a watch to see if this happens again...

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@ gazumped

thanks for your profound answer.


  • As I tried to explain: I assign one or more tags to any note the same day they are created in EN -  I use this search "-tag*" as a favorite - that means: these notes has been tagged in the past
  • tags and notes were not new (different dates) , one notebook, approx. 8-10 different tags (still exist)  - I could't discover any archetype
  • no import from ENEX, no shared notebook nor note, no rescue from trash etc

I will observe this + report if it will happen again.

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